One Day in Harwich

Harwich has many different types of scenic landscapes, which include; almost eleven miles of tidal shoreline along Nantucket Sound and Pleasant Bay; four harbors, twenty-two freshwater ponds, two reservoirs, two scenic river corridors, and over 320 acres of forests, water, and wetlands. Cranberry bogs are also scattered throughout Harwich, which provide scenic enjoyment and agricultural production. Every year the town of Harwich hosts the Cranberry Festival celebrating the famous local berry. If you only have one day to spend in Harwich, these are some ideas.....

Breakfast: Ruggie's Breakfast Sandwiches To-Go

Ruggie's is off the beaten path in Harwich Center and home to "the Duke", a Man vs. Food style eating challenge. This popular locals spot is great to sit down for a casual breakfast, but an idea is to grab it to go & head to Pleasant Bay to eat with a view.

8:00am (or around low tide): Clam Digging on Pleasant Bay

The town of Harwich offers the cheapest one day shellfish license on the Cape. Any non-resident can purchase this permit, info here. Pleasant Bay is a scenic inlet, right off of Route 28, between Orleans and Chatham. Harwich is also home to one of countries highest rated resorts, Wequassett Resort. Boston Magazine recently published a great resource for this popular Cape Cod pastime. To provide the shellfish for a classic New England clambake only takes a few tools and a willingness to get a little dirty in the mud.

11:00am: Explore The Cape Cod Lavender Farm

Take a quick break from the hustle and bustle on Cape Cod in the Summer and visit The Cape Cod Lavender Farm and enjoy a serene walk through 12 acres of peaceful lavender fields, home to 7,000 lavender plants. Keep in mind, harvest season for lavender is mid-June to mid-July. They also have a gift shop that offers a wide variety of lavender gifts and products. The farm is located down a dirt path, the shop and grounds are accessible via Weston Woods Road. Please drive slowly; there are dogs!

1:00pm: Lunch at Brax Landing

Waterfront dining is surprisingly rare on Cape Cod but lucky for travelers to Harwich, Brax Landing has been offering amazing views of Saquatucket Harbor from their outdoor deck for years. Brax is on Route 28, next door to the Freedom Cruise Line with service to Nantucket. The menu is casual, the ambience is low-key and rustic. This is a great place to grab a beer and a lobster roll and spend the afternoon by the water.

3:00pm: Ice Cream at Sundae School

This isn't really a suggestion but more of a mandatory order, you need an ice cream from Sundae School before you leave the Cape. Recently voted one of best ice cream parlors in the country, there are three locations, Dennisport, Harwichport, and East Orleans. Anytime is a good time for ice cream, but why 3pm? The lines, especially at the Harwichport location, become extremely long starting around 6pm, if you only have one day here why waste it standing in a line? To make all the other kids jealous (young and old), don't forget to pick up some Sundae School merchandise on your way out. Please be advised- cash only.

(Down the Cape idea: For a scenic view with plenty of #selfie opportunities, take your sundaes, cones, and banana splits about 100 yards up the road to the Wychemere Harbor overlook)

Picturesque Wychemere Harbor, Harwich Port

4:30pm: Harwich Port Pub Crawl

Route 28 in Harwich Port has gone through a bit of a transformation over the past few years with the addition of a handful of great outdoor patios and dining options. We recommend starting at the Port's outdoor patio for a dozen (or two) $1 oysters from 3:00-5:30pm and then head next door to the Beer Garden and try the local offerings on tap.

(down the cape idea: Find some seats in the shade at the Beer Garden, the afternoon sun tends to beat down on that area.)

7:00pm: Dinner near the fire pit at Ember

We figured since we have offered a few seafood suggestions today that we would mix it up and recommend something everyone loves, pizza! Within a very short walk from the The Port and Beer Garden is Ember, a high end family friendly coal fired pizza restaurant that offers great outdoor seating with a bar and a fire pit to sit around and enjoy the last bit of sunlight for the day.