Meet: Cape Cod Jeep Rentals

Let Jay, Brianna, and Bianca turn a simple car rental into a summer experience

Cape Cod Jeep Rentals helps to create the quinntessential summer experience; cruising Cape Cod in a Jeep with the top down. Modern travelers actively search for customized, local experiences when going on vacation. CCJR is one important brand every hotel or vacation property owner should learn about if you are looking to elevate your guest experience.

CONCIERGE TIP: Always check with Cape Cod Jeep Rentals before heading to Nantucket, vehicle availability is usually limited on the Island.

How was the idea to create Cape Cod Jeep Rentals formed?

It’s no secret that Jeeps are very popular on the Cape. We also know that they are not the most practical vehicle for some… especially those that commute for work, etc. Having the opportunity to enjoy a Jeep without the expense of owning and maintaining one has been a very convenient option for those seeking a non-traditional rental vehicle and want the wind in their hair!

You also operate an auto service business in Yarmouth, Platinum Auto Service. What is a day in the life while trying to successfully run both businesses at the same time?

The automotive industry has become an extremely complex environment for an independent service center such as ours with all the imbedded technology in today’s vehicles. Even though there are several challenges daily, one of the biggest advantages is that we can source the vehicles locally and at auctions needing repairs…. saving us money on the initial investment. We also use the jeeps as Service Rentals and/or Loaners for customers having larger repairs completed in our service department.

What has been your most effective marketing methods to promote Cape Cod Jeep Rentals?

Online such as Google Ad words and word of mouth within our customer base has been some of the most effective ways to attract customers. We also park them at high traffic areas to draw attention… such as Luke’s Liquor Stores across the Cape. It also helps that our Jeeps are unique with lift kits, oversize wheels; tires and several add-on accessories, so they stand out amongst the crowd and create a sort of buzz when people find out you can rent a “Custom” Wrangler on the Cape!

Why rent a Jeep on Cape Cod instead of a less expensive sedan or SUV?

It is all about the experience! You are renting an “experience” not just a vehicle to get you from A to B. If you have ever cruised the Cape in a Jeep with the top down, then you know what I mean… it is like nothing else!

How do you keep your vehicles and services up-to-date? What can we expect next summer?

We treat every vehicle as if it were a general customer’s vehicle. We follow the same processes we would for a person off the street having their vehicle serviced with us. With over 20 years being in business we have a very solid reputation of “fixing it right the first time” and thoroughly inspecting vehicles at every oil change interval – which can identify problems and/or concerns BEFORE they become a larger, more expensive repair… or an unexpected breakdown. As for next summer…you’ll just have to wait and see what the future holds!

Do you have an off season? Where do you go to relax after a busy summer season?

Yes… our “In-Season” is honestly only about 10-12 weeks (June-September) then we tend to ramp back up around the holidays (Thanksgiving + Christmas) when family and friends are visiting the locals. We spend the remainder of the “Off-Season” strategizing ways to grow and working on the other departments of the company (Auto Service + Repair, Auto Accessories Department + Platinum Auto Sales). We stay relatively busy throughout the year within all Departments therefore it can be hard to get away but we try to go someplace warm during school vacations whenever possible.

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