Logan Kinei Nature Escapes: Your Invitation to The Cape

How many times have you traveled to a vacation destination only to leave with the feeling that you never fully arrived? Even for the most determined among us to kick the device habit for a few days and unplug, disconnecting from the cycles of today’s fast-paced world and technology overload can feel next to impossible. So what’s the secret to unwinding and overcoming all this hard-won digital overstimulation? It’s as simple as stepping outside and reconnecting with nature—the ultimate elixir for the soul.

No one knows this better than new local Eastham resident and founder of Logan Kinei Nature Experiences, Shaun Logan, who was drawn to the Cape’s diverse natural beauty. This driving force in his own life led to a new venture to enhance peoples’ life experiences through time spent in the pristine and exquisite nature synonymous with Cape Cod. Lucky for us, he’s blazing a trail across the Cape Cod National Seashore and closing the gap for travelers and locals alike searching for an off-the-grid moment on the Cape to slow things down and recharge. Private, guided adventures offer customized small group experiences that explore the trails and beaches of the surrounding Outer Cape and take you off the beaten path. He says it best: “I’m here to help people get out into nature where magical things can happen. To offer some guidance and plan the things most people won’t do on their own.”

Itineraries abound at Nature Experiences with hand-selected trails showcasing some of Cape Cod’s most stunning landscapes throughout Provincetown, Truro/North Truro, Wellfleet, and Eastham. From casual beach strolls to more physically challenging terrain that touches both sea and sky, these unforgettable hikes have it all.

Want to surprise the family? Book an early morning beach walk or short duration out and back trail. Looking for an intense endurance training workout that gets you outside? Shaun’s background in Kinesiology and mobility training as a Doctor of Physical Therapy will move you safely in any direction you want to go. Need some help slowing down and becoming more mindful so you can fully embrace your moments on the Cape? Opt for a meditative, silent nature walk with a midpoint breathwork class. Not sure what you’re looking for? Shaun’s easygoing vibe makes it simple to figure out—after all, nature solves everything.

Perhaps what makes Shaun’s thoughtful tours most remarkable is his aim to include the Cape’s varied terrain and rich ecology on every experience. Turns out that in under an hour you can hit woodlands, grasslands, wetlands, and a pedestrian bridge spanning a marsh with a view that will make you forget to take a picture. It’s ok—you’ll remember the moment for a long time to come. And you’ll be back anyway. Nature has its way of beckoning. All this before you even reach the coast.

Love the water’s edge? Build your experience to spend time taking in the salty air and tranquil lighthouse views once you step onto an open expanse of beach at the treasured National Seashore including Nauset Light, Marconi, Coast Guard, Race Point, Great Island, and Herring Cove, each with their own allure. If you find yourself wondering which beach has the best sunset experience, just ask Shaun. He’ll tell you and take you out to watch the day fade away.

Did you know that listening to ocean waves rolling in and out actually de-stimulates your brain? The perfect antidote to stress, now and later. At Logan Kinei, nature and wellness go hand in hand. “No matter where you live or how much time you spend on the Cape, being in nature on Cape Cod can have a lasting positive impact on your life.”

Want a further escape? Book the Dune Shack Trail experience in Provincetown for a truly dreamlike, remote wilderness experience in the vast dunes home to the famed artists shacks. Ask Shaun about the Getting Lost option.

Usually, what crystallizes for travelers is that you needn’t go on a far-flung, exotic adventure to find the things you may be searching for. Often, they’re lying in wait just beyond your own doorstep. Logan Kinei Nature Experiences offers the occasion to look past your ordinary outdoor walks and routines to discover new landscapes you can return to again and again for connection with nature, others, and of course, yourself.

Bonus: Shaun doesn’t discriminate between seasons. He’ll probably take you out in winter.

Want to book an excursion with Shaun? Send us an email at atyourservice@downthecapeconcierge.com and we'll make it happen.