Cape Cod Wandering Mermaid's Quarantine Survival Guide

There’s a lot to unpack when it comes to a one-size-fits-all survival guide during a global pandemic--and I’m pretty sure you’d rather be reading blogs boasting about springtime adventures on Cape Cod anyway. But here we are, #alonetogether quarantined in our homes just when the weather is warming up.

Although we on the Cape are welcoming spring and getting in gear for the busiest season, we’re also forced to cancel festivals and events and close beaches and non-essential local businesses. Maybe at a time when we're all told to stay apart we should find ways to come together and learn how to adjust to social distancing so we can stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

My mermaid mission is to share some suggestions on how to make your quarantine days a lot less stressful. Hopefully, with just a little creative planning, you’ll not only survive the virus outbreak, but you’ll rise up stronger than ever when the coast is clear! Read along and find out how you can pay it forward by supporting the local businesses that sustain our coastal Cape Cod communities.

Whether you’re solo isolating, suddenly working from home, cooped up as a couple, struggling with homeschooling, figuring out what to feed the kids, drowning in domestic duties, or just plain bored—we’ve got you covered.

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For the Kids

Atlantic White Shark Daily Story Hour: If you’re looking for a fun and entertaining science lesson, check out Atlantic White Shark Conservatory’s daily Shark Story hour. Every morning at 10am tune in to a live video right on AWSC Facebook page here. Let the experts school your kiddos on the Cape's great white shark and seal population, while also teaching the importance of shark safety precautions!

Keep em’ Crafting: If you have littles that are old enough to craft then consider following one of my favorite local bloggers, Cape Cod Momma. She spends her days quarantined with her adorable four-year-old daughter and they’re totally living their best life baking bunny shaped pancakes, playing with mosaic sidewalk chalk, and finding creative ways to keep busy while supporting local businesses.

Check out these super cute Read & Play Boxes curated by Reading Reimagined here. They ship right to your doorstep and include enrichment reading books with matching themed activities, like painting kindness rocks and decorating cookies. (Thanks, Cape Cod Momma)

Explore Outdoors: Whenever possible, opt for outdoor activities like sports, strolls, and scavenger hunts. How about a fun way to bring a little nature indoors? Cape Cod Learning Tours offers live interactive 30-minute fun videos exploring marine and animal life topics. Be sure to tune in to Captain Awesome’s creature talks and nature walks every weekday at 2pm here.

Feeding the Family

Homemade Pizza & Hot Fudge Sundaes: Who doesn’t love pizza and ice cream? Next time you head out for supplies, ask the kids what special toppings they’d like and let them help prepare their own meal. You can find fresh pizza dough at most supermarkets, (I even found one already in an aluminum pan) and if you’re looking for delicious homemade sauce and fresh local ingredients, head over to Lambert’s Farm Market in Sandwich, Ma.

Bonus: Looking for curbside grocery pickup? Click here to order farm market deli meat, wine & beer, prepared foods,gift baskets, baked goods, fresh flowers and more!

Take Out Thursday: Since we can’t head out to grub, how about dedicating one night a week to letting someone else do the work for you? I could (and will) write an entire blog about all my favorite spots to eat on Cape Cod, but for the sake of time, I’ll share two awesome ideas for quarantine takeout feasts:

1. Chatham Shellfish Company offers nationwide shipping and in-store pickup. What's better than a fresh catch seafood feast delivered to your doorstep during at-home quarantine?

2. The Underground Bakery in Dennis Village has something satisfying for everyone and almost everything is made from scratch! Their mouthwatering menu offers plenty of breakfast and lunch specials, vegan options, fresh breads and baked goods, organic coffee, and (why it's my current fav) a NEW RAMEN MENU!

Bonus: Underground Bakery is currently offering at home baking kits so you can chef up your own cookies and cupcakes to decorate with the infamous homemade frosting, sprinkles, and even their beloved sugar cookies with royal icing. #SocialDistancingGoals

Work-at-Home Hustlers

Coffee on Repeat: The smell of a freshly brewed coffee always gets me motivated. Cape Cod Coffee is a personal favorite. Check them out online here and consider sharing the java love by sending a gift basket to someone special. If you're super serious about coffee like this mermaid, then sign up for their subscription options and keep your cup full no matter how long you're stuck at home!

Snowy Owl Coffee Roasters is another personal favorite if you're looking to try something new. Click here to shop their selections online.

Read This Blog: Have a good laugh on me! In a throwback blog I share tips for working from home and confess my personal struggles---learn how to avoid making the same mistakes as me.

Dedicate A Work Space: If you’re new to the domestic distractions that can sidetrack your workday in seconds, then you really should create a separate work space to keep you focused and productive. Obviously somewhere quiet and distraction free, but I get how hard that one is when you’re quarantined!

Flower Power: My favorite way to turn any space into a productive place is to add fresh flowers and light a candle—it’s like instant inspiration whenever I need an uplift.

A bright beautiful flower arrangement designed by Foraged Florals

Foraged Floral of Cape Cod is still offering beautifully handcrafted custom designed flower arrangements. What's a better way to brighten your social distancing dayz AND your at home workspace than with fresh flowers delivered to your doorstep? Bonus: Make someone smile..send a spring bouquet their way!

Self-Care: Mind, Body, Soul

Live Workouts/Meditations: There are TONS of online workouts, classes, and challenges fit for every age, shape, and skill level. Basically, anyone that wants to work up a sweat has access to unlimited free online resources. You can always challenge a friend to a fitness goal for some healthy competition too!

I have a membership to a 24/7 facility, Anytime Fitness and while they now offer exclusive groups and programs for members to access during quarantine, they also post lots of healthy meal recipes, family-friendly at-home workouts, and free and useful motivational content here.

Get Grounded in Nature: We are living in some seriously epic and totally mind-blowing times. It’s okay to not feel okay sometimes. It’s even okay to have a meltdown here and there. We’re humans dealing with a vicious virus that’s dramatically changed our lives and shaken us to the core.

Whenever I need a moment of peace and clarity, I always head outside to embrace nature. If you’re lucky enough to live near a wooded path, secluded beach, or anywhere you can escape outside for a moment, be sure to give yourself permission nurture your mind, body, and soul.

Bonus: I'm taking my chances on sharing in hopes that we can all respect the rules here! The Cape Cod Canal is a beautiful spot to work up a sweat, bike, rollerblade, skateboard, walk your pups, snap scenic photos, or simply sit and wait to catch the train bridge drop. It's my go-to spot for a seaside serenity run and as of Monday April 6th, it's still open to the public. (Please respect the rules!)

Shop Local & Treat Yo'Self: Small businesses are the heart of our Cape Cod communities and they need our support now more than ever. If there’s a small business that you love, be sure to show them some support. Give them a Google review. Shout them out on your social media. "Like" and share their stories and status updates. Purchase a gift card to to use in the future.

Finally, if you’re looking to score sweet deals from some of my favorite businesses that are making waves on Cape Cod, then scroll down and check out my final survival guide suggestions:

Retail Therapy!

Truro Vineyards: Order Local Wine Online

Cape Cod Beer: "A vacation in every pint" Delivered to Your Doorstep.

Mermaids on Cape Cod: Beach Beautiful Boutique & Official Mermaid Lifestyle Brand

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Stay Home, Stay Safe & Stay Tuned!

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Sea Ya Soon,

-Just Beachy Jenny

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