Cape Cod News: Eastham Gardens Is A Vision For Abandoned T-Time Golf Property

In Eastham, MA off of Route 6, there are 11 acres of land that used to be home of the T-Time driving range. After battling with Stratford Capital Group, the Town of Eastham agreed to buy the land for $1.6 million. Stratford had planned on building a complex with 50 rental units to create more affordable housing in the town. This housing complex plan was declined leaving the town to decide what to do with it. Some options Eastham town boards were considering were a regional swimming pool, community center, commercial kitchen, office space, and others.

What Is Eastham Gardens?

A community known as Food Forest Initiative has teamed up with a local Cape business, Edible Landscapes of Cape Cod, to create this vision of “Eastham Gardens” to take over these 11 acres. Eastham Gardens will act as a public park to the town, but offer so much more. Focused on naturally regenerating the area, it will include open green spaces, meadows, gardens, walking paths, and gathering areas. While doing so, each part of Eastham Gardens will be created with the environment and climate change in mind.

Intentions Behind The Project

The Eastham Gardens are about connecting people to each other, to nature, and to local food. Shaun Logan, a member of Edible Landscapes, says “We envision a space that brings community together from children to the elderly, revolving around and connecting through regenerative organically grown food.” Shaun says that he wants to create a welcoming environment that immerses humans in nature instead of building large structures that separate us from nature.

The design plan for Eastham Gardens is incredibly detailed and thought out short-term and long-term. The people at Edible Landscapes and Food Forest Initiative have been working in this realm for years. They have taken in consideration the needs of the town and the people in the community.

Large Green Space & Beer Garden

The majority of the Eastham Gardens will be a large green space. This green space will be made of a mixture of ground clover and other vegetation. The intention of using ground clover is that it's low maintenance - minimal mowing and water needed, and no chemicals!

The green space will consist of sporadic trees for shade, natural seating and play areas (made from rocks or logs), and a communal gathering area or ‘Beer Garden.’ This communal gathering area will consist of picnic tables where food and drink are allowed, Christmas lights strung for light and decoration, and a center for live music. This would create an inclusive gathering area for people to gather, opportunities for local performers, and foster community interaction. Eastham Gardens would add sense-of-place value that Cape Cod residents know and love.

Potential Food Forests, Berry Patch, And Garden

Eastham Gardens plans on putting the food forests in the Northeast corner of the property. The goal of the Food Forest Initiative is to plant and maintain food forest gardens on Cape Cod for the purposes of education, food sovereignty, community, and sustainability. These food forests will include layers of shrub, herbaceous plants, vertical vines, groundclover, and mycelial. Walking paths will be intertwined as well. In addition will be a berry patch. This will be family friendly including a pick-your-own-berries area. The Annual Garden, in between the food forest and the berry patch, will house regenerative organic practices. Including a variety of vegetables, crop rotation, irrigation system, and a walipini allowing year-round growing. The project is environmentally friendly and a smart use of space.

A Farmer’s Market in Eastham

Just off of the large green space, Eastham Gardens plans to include space for a farmer’s market and things alike. This includes food trucks, artist/retail shacks, and plenty of tables and seating as well. This will bring community interaction and give smaller, local businesses more opportunities to connect with new customers.

Show Your Support For Eastham Gardens

If you're interested in the Eastham Gardens idea, please fill out the T-Time Community Input Survey and prioritize outdoors, pop-ups, and garden options. There are also open-ended spaces to mention Eastham Gardens specifically! Also, reach out to us at if you have any questions or updates on this project.

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Thank you for showing your support and compassion for our Cape Cod community!